Living in the Moment…

There is much sense in the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’. That, along with many other sayings all say the same thing: enjoy the moment that you have right now. Everybody’s heard of this but few of us understand what it really means. It does not mean that life should all fun and games but that it should feel like it is so. Too many of us are of the belief that constantly worrying about the past or the future will somehow help improve our lives. Not to say that some amount of planning is not necessary for life but to be obsessed with every little detail all the time just drains you of all the joy that comes with it. Take life as it comes, face problems, weigh options, make decisions but more importantly laugh loudly, smile widely and feel happy every day! Care more than it is wise, risk more than it is safe and dream more than it is practical, just do the things that make you happy today. Its true that tomorrow you may not remember most of these things but you will certainly remember the feeling of satisfaction that came with it. The relief that you feel when you decide to live in the moment can make you quite light headed. So why don’t more and more people embrace this feeling? The answer is that its too easy and we as human beings are wired to always believe that if it isn’t hard then there must be something wrong. So we slog through our days doing things the hard way just to pat ourselves on the back at the end of the day feeling like we have accomplished something. Just ask yourself this question today: what is that feeling of accomplishment worth?
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2 thoughts on “Living in the Moment…”

  1. Agree with you hons..we almost feel fearful to enjoy and laugh out loud lest we are in deep agony the next moment or some worry or problem lands up on our plate..but worrying needlessly about the future gets us nowhere…live for the moment absolutely

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