Through The (Looking) Glass…

I should start off by explaining that without my glasses I am practically blind, hazy shapes and fuzzy colours are about all I can see! So a few days ago, just to experiment I decided to not wear my glasses for an entire bus journey and just get a glimpse of the world without my glasses, the result was pretty damn amazing. The entire irritation arising out of endless traffic jams was wiped out to be replaced by a moving portrait swiftly changing before me. Streetlights resembled yellow pools of light suspended in the air and the long row of these lamps almost seemed like a pathway to the heavens. Lower down on the ground, all I could see were yellow pinpricks of car and bike headlights zooming past and only shadowy images of the actual vehicles and their occupants. The green of the trees by the side of the road somehow looked more sinister than usual and the sky dark and looming. The buildings were only identifiable by the colours of lights in the windows, shining blues and yellows with the occasional bright white of a hoarding on the roof. Things like gates, walls, railings, speed breakers, potholes had absolutely no significance for the simple reason that they just could not be seen. The shops on the other hand for the large part were so brightly lit with so many different colours that they caught the eye without me even knowing what I was looking at! I played a game with myself to see if I could recognise all the familiar landmarks and I did but they looked so different that it was almost like another world altogether. This entire experience made me wonder at how life is full of surprises. I had never before bothered look around me without my glasses except in the familiar terrain of my own home and here I was having spent an hour looking at the outside world and feeling like 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'.

The world is a funny place, it shows you new things when you least expect them. Just goes to show that we should always keep our eyes and mind open lest we miss out something that could be of great value to us. No matter where we are in life, there is always something new waiting for us just around the corner, a new opportunity, a new perspective, a new direction, a new relationship, a new challenge and the list goes on! Just like I could never have imagined that I could see anything worthwhile without my glasses, most people spend their life imagining that this is it, this is all my life will ever be. You have to take the time look around and see things you have never bothered to look at before or look at old things with fresh eyes. The 'things' here could be anything really, that's the beauty of it, the world is your own backyard the minute you decide to see it as such! There is nothing we cannot achieve if we put our heart, mind and soul into it. So any obstacles standing in our path are nothing but excuses to keep living in our comfort zones. So think about it, open your eyes and find that something new in your life today, seize the day and trust me it will be worth it. Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Through The (Looking) Glass…”

  1. True. You know, I do my most profound thinking whenever I'm getting a haircut, forced as I am to take off my glasses Everything just seems clearer then – the irony 😛

  2. Believe it or not, my power's actually been going down. First from -3.25 to -3. Then after a 6 month check, they told me that it'd further gone down -2.75 😀 Apparently spending time without your glasses does help to an extent, because it forces the muscles in your eyes to focus as much as possible.

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