Pointless Things To Ponder About…

Just yesterday I was thinking of the most pointless things to ponder about. It started off with seeing a facebook status which was contemplating whether the batmobile is air conditioned! After that there was no looking back. Here are some of the things that I have pondered about since then:

1. How the best suicide hotline would be the Domino's Pizza hotline!

2. How in TV series, they always seem to remember the exact number of years ago something happened (in graphic detail mind you), they never even have to stop and think about it!

3. How we think that frantically charging the phone for 5 minutes before rushing out of the house will make any difference to the almost dead battery!

4. How trees grow upwards since ideally gravity should be pulling them down!

5. How they almost never seem to talk about basic bodily functions in thrillers! Its like the entire story takes place without anyone needing to use the loo!

6. How Iron Man created a whole new element without telling anyone! The least he could've done was to have added it to the periodic table 😛

7. How Star Trek has only english speaking people! I mean think about it, they have a translator for every other alien language in the universe but you never hear any other language from planet earth!

8. How the staff at big hotels are such snobs! I mean what have they got to judge us with, its the hotel that's grand not them!

9. How Rajnikant jokes have taken everyone by storm and shows no signs of stopping. So much so that this is the joke going around now:

A frustrated message from Rajnikant to all

“Saalo ek limit hoti hai.. yeh kaun likh raha hai ki Rajnikant chawal khata hai aur piche se idli nikalti hai'' 🙂

And now since Rajni has been mentioned, nothing else can top that. So I shall stop my pondering now. Feel free to add anything you might have pondered about lately 😛


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5 thoughts on “Pointless Things To Ponder About…”

  1. Oh, I loved the post, Rohini! Although it’s a bit different from your usual style na? You should send the post to Blackberry’s marketing division with the email’s subject as “Things you can do with your BB”. You never know… what if they use it? 😛 Do you know anyone else who blogs from their phone??

  2. How can one have a desert irrespective of being extremely full after the dinner?If some item prepared for dinner is less in quantity, how come that item does not get finished (perhaps everybody thinks, other may want it and nobody eats it!)I am foodie, so obviously, I ponder a lot over food. I read many of your blogs and found them amazing. Thanks Cyclo for sharing it on facebook.

  3. That is a massive improvement, you deserve a pat on your back. B)But how come it showed up in my RSS feed today when it was posted on November 9, 2011 at 9:00pm? O.o

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