When once upon a time,

You sat upon a wall
Staring into the distance
With dreams shining in your eyes
The people of the town,
Would look at you and say,
“There’s a lad who needs to
get the hell away!”
The children of the town
Would come around and play
And look at you in awe
And wonder what you did all day
But alas they never knew
The reason you were there
Was only so that you
Would be fortunate enough
To catch a glimpse of
The fair maiden that resides
Behind the castle wall
The very wall on which you sat
And wasted your life away.
And life and fate are such that
In the end you didn’t even sway
When you took that last quiet breath
The reason I call this poem (or atleast an attempt at poetry!) ‘Fortune’, is because I believe that most of us waste our life away waiting to catch a glimpse of it. Instead, lets get off that wall and do something about it. Cheers!

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