Sunday Mornings…

Though this post is titled ‘Sunday Mornings’, I will actually begin this cronicle from last night. A huge (and cheap!) dinner at a small but fabulous restuarant after a hard day’s work is definitely the best thing that there is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people enjoying themselves so much! The silence at the table was only punctuated by the calls for more naan or roti and business at the little place soared. Anyway, it was on the way back to the hostel after dinner that I realised how wonderful life actually is. I was thankful all over again for the amazing people that surround me, who will be there for me no matter what. The past few weeks (months actually), have been a very trying time for all of us. We have been through hell and back, but hearing the laughter and conversation flowing at the dinner table last night only went on to prove that we humans are made of sterner stuff as Shakespeare would say. Resilience is truly an admirable quality and the ability to bounce back after life has squashed you flat is something to be applauded. Anyway, getting back to the amazing sunday morning I’ve had so far. I woke up at the early (for me atleast!) hour of 9.30 am and tucked in to a full breakfast (again a rarity on a sunday!) and ever since then its been one lazy morning so far. I absolutely love these days. Everyone just going through the day at their own pace not really bothered by whats in store ahead. Its idyllic to say the least, and it’s been so long since we’ve had such a good time on a Sunday, we just haven’t had the time! Anyway, now I see that the lazy morning is slowly winding down and peole are heading for their baths and the loud conversations are fading so I think its time for me to wrap this up and get back to work as well. Till then, have an amazing day!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings…”

  1. Nice. I love lazy Sundays. N like in the post, I also think its so nice to just waste the morning away reminiscing about an awesome saturday night šŸ™‚

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