Happy New Year…

When the time is right, things always fall into place. I believe in fate and destiny. Everything that happens, happens for a reason; we may not be able to see the reason straightaway but its out there somewhere. Its like an intricate puzzle and we are only one piece of it and have absolutely no idea how the other pieces will come together. So when life deals you a bad hand at poker, know that its not the only game you’ll ever play. There will be others, many of them. All you need is some patience (actually a lot of it!) and faith enough to trust that your life holds great things in store for you; maybe not great in the eyes of the world but great in their own way. For it is true that we are all here for a reason – a reason so complex yet so simple that we miss it completely sometimes. The very core of existence of human beings on this planet is to LIVE! To live in every sense of the word, not just the biological aspect of it, but also to live our lives in a way that is completely fulfilling. Put your entire being into the work that you do , and equally learn to give yourself the time to unwind and all else will fall into place. The rest is upto fate to guide us to our destiny (we all have one!). So our part of the deal in this life we lead is to live it to the best we can and not question what will happen because of what we do or not do; because believe me, what has to happen cannot be stopped and what will never happen, will never happen…

PS # This may not seem like the usual Happy New Year message but I firmly intend live by the above philosophy this year. On that note Happy New Year =)

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