Some Days…

The sunlight came streaming in through the window forming a pool of light on the floor by the bed. A cool breeze gently stirred the half open curtains tugging at them as if to say that the day was far too glorious to be shut out. Outside, the weather was perfect, the pale blue sky stretching on for miles with not even a hint of a cloud. It was one of those unexpected days in the middle of the monsoon season, where you wonder if you are awake or dreaming. Since these days are few and far between, one must certainly take full advantage of them. I did too today, being bold enough to wear something essentially white with absolutely no fear of it turning into brown. I’ll admit it was a bit of a risk, but tempting fate is fun, don’t you agree? Anyway the fates were kind to me and did not decide to shower their blessings while I walked home from college. Moreover, the beautiful weather persisted all day which helped keep my spirits up no end. All in all it was a good day and I have feeling that a great start had something to do with it.

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