The feeling of falling, however blissful nearly always ends with a bump. Coming back down to earth is never gentle, on the contrary it is inevitably harsh and leaves you winded and while you are gasping for breath you swear to yourself that you will never fall again and yet when the time comes, you once again shut out the voice of reason and fall headlong into the trap. It is quite the vicious cycle, one that will go on as long as mankind exists.

So the big question of the day is why let yourself fall at all? The answer is simply that there is bound to be a time when you finally land on your feet, and that is the most beautiful thing on earth. For there ends the fear of falling and begins a whole new vista of happiness unparalled by anything else on earth. Of course this is a very idealistic assumption and nowadays even a reasonable amount of happiness is considered a good deal. So that brings me back to the point that though there may never be a guarantee of landing safely, in this matter we human beings are serious exceptions to the age old saying ‘once bitten, twice shy’. How else do you explain it?

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