Who Am I…

It was pointed out to me today that all of us at the moment are nothing without our parents. I mean think about it, no matter how much we strive to get a life of our own, this particular ‘life’ that we talk about, would be kinda impossible if it wasn’t for our parents. So does this mean that we are essentially living their life? And does it also mean that we don’t have an identity of our own? The answer to both those questions is no. Though we owe our very existence and upbringing to our parents it does not mean that we do not exist as individuals, with a mind of our own and the will to do as we please. OK, that sounds very stubborn, so let me tone it down a bit; I simply mean that the life that is a gift from our parents, is in our hands to mould it in any way to create one of our own. Everything that we do is directed towards that end. We often hear of people going against the wishes of their parents and thereby hurting them. Although an inadvisable course of action, it sometimes becomes inevitable that we break free from the loving bonds placed around us. It is a scary proposition actually, because the minute we gather enough courage to say and do exactly what we want, we suddenly become our own person and not the one we were raised to be. There is no comforting cocoon then to soothe out the harsh contours of the big bad world out there. The day we can stand up alone with no one to hold us up is the day we can proudly say that yes we are our parents’ children, we owe them everything but this is the life that I have created for myself and that it belongs to no one but me.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I…”

  1. Wow! great post. that is so true. Even i always think that why are my parents brought in between for whatever i do and why cant i do what i think is right. Is it necessary to take up a parents\’ job …. whatever…like you said we owe everything to our parents but we gotta have a life of our own.

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