Utter Nonsense…

Sometimes life is just one big mess, everywhere you look there is nothing but misery and pain. No hint of a silver lining, just dark clouds all over the horizon…

But then again there are days when the sun comes streaming through the window and the world is a beautiful and happy place and everything about your life is just perfect…

Ever wondered why when looking back we don’t think of the days that lie in between; days which are neither the best nor the worst but just come and go as a matter of course? Thats because we, as human beings have this amazing capacity to forget anything that hasn’t had a lasting impact on us. But of course that makes sense, I hear you cry out. How else would we hope to survive?! How else indeed…sometimes I write a lot of nonsense. I mean of course we have to throw out all the banal and useless stuff, what use are they? Why clutter your mind? But let us just for a minute consider the hypothesis that we could impartially record every minute of our lives in our memory, I mean they’re always saying that the brain is more powerful than any supercomputer so why not it’s storage device? Wouldn’t it be exciting? Imagine never forgetting anything, ever! Imagine sitting in an exam and recalling every little detail that you heard and read in class (ok, for that you have to attend class first and yes I just realised that people with photographic memory can do that anyway). Ok, next scenario, never forgetting a birthday or a telephone number (oh but thats what mobile phones and planners are for). Ok, since I just seem to be contradicting myself here I’ll just quit shall I? I think I’ll wind up by saying that modern gadgets while making our lives easier have made our brains incredibly lazy and no one can contradict that, so there!

PS # On re-reading the post, it sounds like I’ve lost it and maybe I have but this one was exactly what I was thinking and I just felt like sharing it…

4 thoughts on “Utter Nonsense…”

  1. ok firstly….wat is up with u!!secondly…u hv memory like tht…thirdly…i don\’t need to rmmbr boring pointless days of my life..coz u do…n lastly…i love you! 🙂

  2. The capacity of human memory is much larger than previously believed, say Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers who showed that given the right setting, the brain can absorb a huge amount of information.The findings could help lead to a better understanding of memory disorders and may also have implications for artificial intelligence, the researchers said.In this study, participants looked at almost 3,000 images, one at a time, for three seconds each. Later the same day, they were show pairs of images and asked to select the exact image they\’d seen earlier. This portion of the test included three types of pairings: two totally different objects; an object and a different example of the same type of object (such as two different types of remote controls); and an object and slightly altered version (such as a cup that\’s either full or half-full).Their recall rates on these three tests were 87 percent, 88 percent and 92 percent, respectively.\”To give just one example, this means that after having seen thousands of objects, subjects didn\’t just remember which cabinet they had seen, but also that the cabinet door was slightly open,\” study co-author and graduate student Timothy Brady said in a university news release.The findings suggest that human visual capacity is several orders of magnitude higher than previously believed.The study was published in this week\’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.— Robert PreidtSOURCE: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, news release, Sept. 8, 2008 There is nothing to imagine Ro. We all really do remember a lot. It is the willingness which plays a big role. 🙂

  3. U know what hons only u have memory like that, mine is like a sieve! But I do remember the feeling of holding u n snuggling you in my arms in the hospital bed when u were born it was heavenly n all the pain of surgery seemed to melt away : ) love you baby

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