To Choose OR Not To Choose?

Today I learnt an important life lesson, it’s called CHOICES, we are faced with them every day of our lives, practically from the minute we wake up (Should I get up right now or snooze for another 10 minutes?) till the time we go to sleep (Should I sleep right now or stay up and watch a movie?). I’ve often heard people say that there are no right and wrong choices just good and bad choices; I wish to amend that: there are JUST choices. You cannot possibly classify each one of the millions of choices we make in a day as good or bad! You might argue that we should atleast ensure quality in our most important choices but then again how do you define ‘importance’; what is important to one person may be completely irrelevant to the next. The argument as you see could go on forever (literally!). Hence I would like to lay this subject to a rest forever by saying that there are JUST choices, and for whatever it’s worth they are what define us. We live each day as a consequence of our choices (now thats something in which there is no choice!) no matter what they might be. I truly salute the people who have realised that their life is their own creation and accepted responsibility for the choices they have made. The so called life changing or ‘important’ choices that we make are neither easy to make nor easy to live with (in case they affect our lives adversely) but the fact still remains that they were our own choices and we may as well be cheered at the thought that atleast we are animals of intellect capable of making choices of such nature. So we have a choice to make: Do we wallow in the past regretting decisions we’ve made just because people labelled them ‘bad choices’?! or do we take a firm step forward and choose to make the best of the time we have? Think about it. There’s always a choice, be it good or bad, right or wrong, easy or difficult, straight or crooked, worthwhile or worthless, the list of labels could go on forever! My advice: Leave the labels in the closet where they belong (ok, that wasn’t me, it was Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City)

Till then dear reader I bid you adieu and here’s wishing you Happy Choosing!

4 thoughts on “To Choose OR Not To Choose?”

  1. Everything is a choice. To talk to somebody, or not to talk. To go by the elevator or to go by the stairs. To go by rickshaw or to walk. To go home on the weekend or not. To read the book or to go to sleep. To be or not to be.This way or that. A new opportunity that you get every moment, that is to choose. And according to me, the awareness that every action of yours is your choice, even if it is as natural as breathing, is the highest level of awareness. Good work! Thought provoking! Keep writing πŸ˜€

  2. choices, yes they are very important. every moment that passes by is a choice we make and the future is the outcome of these very choices. in the back of our minds, we are constantly evaluating and devaluating the instances and experiences of our lives and are constantly striving to make informed choices about the things which matter to us. awesome thoughts there ro. keep it up πŸ™‚

  3. now im not much of an authorit, but here\’s something i believe very stronly about with reference to this post (again, you have a choci to accept it or not).the most important choice that we all have to choose whether we have a choice or not. if we can ask ourselves \”do i want to choose to do this?\” before we ask ourselves \”do i want to do this?\” only then do i believe that we can be true masters of what we really are and what we wish to acheive…

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