Year’s End…

The time has come for fond farewells and a few tears (in some cases a lot!). Yes, thats right it’s the end of a year and although it feels like it began just yesterday, it really did start off in the June of 2008 when each of us unknown to the others (except Appu and Madhu, they went to the same school) came to be a part of Symbiosis BBA. Coincidence? I would rather call it a fortunate accident or serendipity, doesn’t the word have a beautiful ring to it? And now as each of us parts ways for the summer it feels like we are leaving a part of ourselves behind, undefinable and unrecognizable but a part nevertheless. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride of fun and frolic that I do wonder if it was a dream and then I realise that no dream could ever match the very real feelings that we’ve all come to associate with this group of ours called (I have no idea why!) ‘The Geeks’. Mihir and Tarang have actually composed poetry about us so I figure that it has been quite something. It is really amazing how fast time flies and more importantly how different things are now from what they were…

Here is my message to ‘The Geeks’ for the summer:

Enjoy every day that you get,
For these days shall go by
Never to return again

Enjoy every hour that you find,
For these hours shall pass
Never to return again

Enjoy every minute that you see,
For these minutes shall fly
Never to return again

Enjoy every second that you live
For these seconds pass mighty quickly
Never to return again

Enjoy all the time that you have
For time once gone
Never returns again

Anyway have an amazing summer you guys and see you all in June 2009 for a fresh new year which stretches out like a blank canvas to be painted upon by none other than US!

2 thoughts on “Year’s End…”

  1. well the year has come to an end, no doubt it has. but contradicting ur views the only thing to return again will be the smile on all our faces when we see each other again after the holidays have passed by. we will cherish the moments that we will have over the two months but the thrill and excitement of getting back to where we are accepted for what we are and how we are cannot be compared to anything not even to bungee jumping off a bridge over the sydney harbour. (why i wrote sydney i dont know, maybe its a sign that sydney is calling me)

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