Exam Fever!

Exam Fever is back! And this time it’s knocking harder than ever before (or does it feel that way every time?). As Ishita would say, “The exams are knocking but I’m not ready to open the door yet!”. It’s a little hilarious actually, especially when 10 people are all studying together. We somehow always end up having the best conversations when we are actually supposed to be studying, I really wonder how that happens. Take last night for example, we all decided to sit and chat for a while after dinner, to you know get refreshed and gear up for some serious studying later and before we knew it the clock struck twelve and the rest as they say is history. This is not the first time it has happened, taking a break in our group is a dangerous phenomenon because if someone does not keep track of the time, we are all liable to fail. Thankfully we have Sehal for that. We always end us convening in her room for our ‘break’ sessions and then we are duly reminded to get back to the books. Each one of us has our own peculiar way of handling the pressure; while some of us will stay stuck to the books till kingdom come (read Shruti) there are some who well don’t really care (read Appu, just kidding) and rest of us are somewhere in the spectrum in between. Anyway the point is that now is time to gear up and give it our best shot. So best of luck all for the upcoming exams, may we come through with flying colours and then home sweet home!

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