Very, Very Random…

I sometimes wonder at the pace of life….Things happen at the speed of light and before you know it (and sometimes you don’t even know it!), you are suddenly thrust into a whole new world where things are so different, you are just left wondering, like me actually. So getting back to the topic at hand, the speed with which things happen. Life has a way, you know, of throwing things at you when you least expect them and you are just left floundering. When it rains, it pours, if you know what I mean. When the good times are rolling, life rocks but no sooner do you begin to get comfortable in your cocoon, wham! and just like that there is catastrophe and then some more. While looking at a photo album all we see are the happy times, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make it from one happy moment to the next? That my friend is called ‘LIFE’, and living it up to the fullest is apparently the newest mantra (if I am to believe the erstwhile TYs in their Yearbook Forms). Anyway I have no idea of where I have reached but I think I should round this one up by saying that, life with all it’s quirkiness, idiosyncracies, unfairness, bad days, sad days, joys and sorrows; is all we’ve got so make the best of whatever you’ve got. Forget about what is done, don’t plan too much into the future, just concentrate on the here and now and watch how wonders unfold. In all fairness, nobody said life would be fair, so lets just leave that inane statement, “Not Fair” in the closet and venture into the unknown armed only with the knowledge that anything (and I mean absolutely anything!) can happen.

Cheers to that!

PS # I think I need to make an official mention here that the “Cheers” is the Trademark of the Tribe Queen Anuja Anil Pradhan and here’s hoping that she will continue to allow her humble and most loyal subject to sign off with it. Until then….Cheers it is!

One thought on “Very, Very Random…”

  1. u are good!!!keep writing rohini..its soo much fun to read!!!and yaa i TOTALLY agree wid da last statement anything(practically anything) CAN HAPPEN!=)…..AWESUM STUFF ROHINI!!…

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